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Friday, April 3, 2020
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weetabix fishing advert

Getting hooked on breakfast

BREAKFAST brand Weetabix has created a new TV ad as part of the latest phase of its £11m Have You Had Your Weetabix campaign.
Weetabix advert

Have it any way you like

Shoppers could have Weetabix on the brain thanks to the revival of the brand’s Any-Which-Way-A-Bix campaign.

Mix your bix

The ‘Any-Which-Way-A-Bix’ campaign aims to celebrate all the ways people enjoy their Weetabix

Breakfast choc full of protein

WEETABIX has extended its range of Protein loaded cereals to include a new Chocolate Chip variant

Thursday fun supports charities

Weetabix Food Company got its support of the FareShare UK and GroceryAid charities off to a flying start with its first ever Charity Month in April.
Alison Robinson

Robinson gets going

WEETABIX Food Group has appointed Alison Robinson as head of sales for Weetabix On The Go Drinks.

Marked for sales

With consumers increasingly looking for value PMPs are found in more aisles.

A little bit of berry in a bowl

Weetabix rolls out a new flavour

Challenging the health groups

WEETABIX has hit back at a claim from Action on Sugar that branded cereal manufacturers are “deliberately deceiving shoppers” through poor labelling.

A question of adverts

BREAKFAST cereal Weetabix has brought back its ‘Have You Had Your Weetabix?’ slogan for its latest campaign. It has also renewed its packaging with a...

Going right at the lights

BREAKFAST cereal Weetabix has put its nutritional details on its pack fronts using the new “traffic light” system. Quoting Shopper’s Voice research, Weetabix says almost...

An everyday approach

ORDINARY people doing everyday things are at the centre of the latest Weetabix advertising campaign. The TV ad demonstrates what our bodies go through every...
Weetabix, breakfast, c-stores, Scotland

Weetabix puts a buddy in every box

A new campaign from Weetabix aims to get kids excited about nutritious breakfasts. With a marketing spend of over £5.5m, the ‘Weetabuddies’ campaign runs across...

Porridge proves hot and hotter

It’s a complicated time in the breakfast market. Many people skip breakfast entirely but others have been turning back to the early morning meal...
CHOCOLATE Weetabix is now Weetabix With Chocolate as part of a relaunch designed to reinforce the brand’s healthy image.

Name change for Weetabix

CHOCOLATE Weetabix is now Weetabix With Chocolate as part of a relaunch designed to reinforce the brand’s healthy image. A £1.8m ad campaign to support...