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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Tag: Perfetti Van Melle

Fruitella snakes and koalas gelatine free

A koala-t new vegan product

Uunfortunately for vegans and vegetarians, many sweets are off-limits due to the inclusion of gelatin in their recipes.
Perfetti Van Melle confectionery

Casting a spell this Halloween

Halloween is big business for confectionery, and Perfetti Van Melle reckons it’s well-equipped to capitalise on this year’s spooky celebration.

Keeping it sweet

Perfetti Van Melle provides IRI data on the UK sugar confectionery market which is worth £1.3bn annually.
Sweets confectionery

Need to know for sales to grow

If you want to thrive in retail then its crucial to keep an eye on trends – particularly when it comes to the big hitting categories like confectionery.

Have bags of success

Backing bagged confectionery makes serious sense for convenience stores
Mentos Chewy and Fresh range

Stay fresh on the go

A NEW Mentos format will roll out this month as brand owner Perfetti van Melle (PVM) looks to attract on-the-go shoppers.

Sharing in lower sugar

Bagged confectionery has been an undeniable success story, with bags growing by £12m in the last year .

Better for you, better for sales

Perfetti Van Melle says it is crucial to offer a range of reduced sugar options .

Choice is the key to success

PVM expects to see sugar free shine in the year ahead

Smintier than ever

PERFETTI Van Melle has launched what it claims is the first ever extra strong menthol power mint

Sugar market is still sweet

Sugar sales strong despite pressure

Sharing in low sugar

Low sugar and share packs key

Sharing in low sugar

Low sugar and share packs key

Friendly Mentos

Mentos has brought back its range of limited edition ‘Say Hello’ sweets in a bid to get shoppers talking about the brand, and to each other .

Variety key to success

OFFERING as wide a range of products as possible is the best way to make a success of Halloween, according to the owner of Fruittella and Chupa Chups .

Low and no is leading the way

Confectionery can shine without sugar