Monday, November 11, 2019
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New PMP is twice as nice

The combination of Dairy  Milk and Oreo has proved to be a popular one for Cadbury, and now the firm is extending the partnership even further with the launch of a new bar .

Snack innovations

SNACKING kits should be seen by retailers as a growth opportunity for 2018 according to Mondelez, the firm behind Dairylea.

Cookie quest

CONSUMERS are being invited on a quest for prizes in a new on-pack promotion from Oreo.

Battering in

MONDOLEZ has expanded its Oreo range with the launch of Oreo Choc’O Brownie.

Familiarity sells

SHOPPERS are more likely to buy products from brands they recognise and new products from well-known brands are popular. That is the view of...

Oreo seeks new young biscuit fans

THE everyday treat category is currently the largest sub-category in sweet biscuits, but it won’t be able to maintain growth unless it is attracting...

Cookie monsters

BRITAIN has a well-established biscuits culture but in recent years cookie brands from the US have targeted the UK market. Chips Ahoy is the latest...
Dairy Milk’s latest new date

Dairy Milk’s latest new date – Daim variant

CONFECTIONERY and biscuits giant Mondelez International has launched the latest of its brand crossover products. Following Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo, the firm has...

In more shapes and sizes

OREO, from Mondelez International, the world’s biggest-selling biscuit, has a number of packs designed to suit the nation’s lunchbox fillers. Last year the firm launched...

World favourite – made in Britain

THE world’s biggest biscuit brand, Oreo – worth more than £1.3bn globally – is now being baked in Britain. The famous US biscuit arrived ...

Cookies and cream – Fredericks Dairies joined up with Oreo

INDEPENDENT ice-cream manufacturer Fredericks Dairies has joined up with Oreo to launch the brand’s first UK ice-cream line. The Oreo Cones Four Pack started...

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