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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Food retail bucks trend

Total food sales in July were up compared to last year, according to the latest figures produced by KPMG for the Scottish Retail Consortium
Paisley high street

High street still struggling

Scotland's high streets continue to suffer under the weight of coronavirus restrictions, with retail sales markedly below 2019 levels.

Encouraging food growth

FOOD sales in Scotland outperformed total retail during January.
Black Friday sale

Reasons to be “cautiously optimistic”

Scottish retail sales appeared to be on the rise towards the end of 2019, following a year of disappointment and decline.

Brighter news for Scottish retail

The retail picture across Scotland is looking a little brighter as we head into the crucial Christmas trading period
Perth high street

Food solid but retail still struggles

Food sales continue to buck the trend in Scottish retail.

Food feels inflation

Compared with last year, food sales in Scotland increased by 2.4% for the four weeks to 24 August .

A slither of growth for grocery

Scottish food sales enjoyed a modest increase in July, up 1.8% on the previous year .

Scottish sales ‘very troubling’

Retailers in Scotland have seen another month of disappointing sales .

Concerns for Scottish retail

Grocery sales in Scotland recorded their weakest performance in two and a half years for the four week period to 25 May .

Success for Scottish food sales

After a disappointing March, food sales in Scotland are once again performing well .
Retail sales saw a dip in February

Scottish sales suffer a setback

After a slight recovery in January, Scottish sales fell back again in February

‘Glimmer of hope’ for Scottish retail

After a worryingly poor Christmas season, Scottish retail saw a more positive January – with a 2% like-for-like sales increase on the year before .

Worst Scottish Christmas in 20 years

Grocery sales might have been performing reasonably well, but for Scottish retail as a whole, December 2018 was the worst since the global financial meltdown of 2008

Sales worst for nearly two years

Sales decreased by 2.1% on a like-for-like basis compared to November 2017

Food flourishing in Scottish stores

Food sales continue to perform well across Scotland