Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Big distribution for mini Logic

Compact is coming to convenience .

A great celebration

2019’s convenience retail stars were shining bright as Scottish Grocer celebrated their stellar achievements .
Track and Trace has been designed to make life harder for those selling illicit tobacco products.

Track and Trace is coming soon

JTI head of communications Mark Yexley explains what new tobacco rules will mean for convenience retailers

Double the NPD, double the sales

Tobacco giant JTI has started 2019 by introducing not one, but two new products to the growing capsule market

Tackling tobacco cheats head-on

JTI has stepped up its anti-illicit trade activity through Don’t Be Complicit In Illicit, as Steve Wilkins explains
Vaping product range

Taking stock of e-cigs

The UK vaping market continues its stratospheric rise in popularity
JPS Players

Price and brand key to success

BRAND loyalty and value are at the heart of a successful tobacco offer in this post-EU TPD2 landscape

Tips on next year’s tobacco trends

Tobacco giant JTI has outlined what it reckons will be key areas of growth for 2019, with the capsule and value segments tipped for success

JTI goes lower

Effective immediately, the new lower RRPs apply to Sterling Rolling, Holborn Yellow, and Kensitas Club RYO
JTI campaign

Campaign to clampdown on fake cigs

Retailers have been urged to join the fight against illegal tobacco by JTI
JTI Advance

A 24/7 solution for tobacco sales

Making use of digital tools can have a major impact on bottom lines according to JTI
JTI Amber Leaf and Benson and Hedges

Value is key to tobacco sales

JTI highlights key consumer trends

Club is on a roll

Scottish cigarette brand Kensitas Club is now available in roll your own .

Joining the Club

Retailer Iqbal Sadiq discusses the impact of the revamped Kensitas Club at St George’s Post Office and Spar Maryhill

Driving growth through value

Kensitas Club success breeds confidence says McCaffery

Scotmid boss on top form

SOME of the brightest stars in convenience retailing were out in force for the Scottish Grocer Awards 2018.