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Friday, July 3, 2020
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Rolling represents value to shoppers

Low price leading the charge as RYO continues to grow

Offering choice to existing smokers

Convenience stores can turn the menthol ban into an opportunity by communicating with customers
JTI Logic Compact Intense range

More menthol pods

JTI has expanded the number of menthol options in its Logic Compact Intense range, offering consumers new alternatives in the wake of the menthol cigarette ban

Value at the heart of new pack roll out

Accessories bundled in as JTI rolls out three-in-one packs for Kensitas Club and Holborn
Logic compact

Five new flavours

JTI has expanded its Logic Compact range with the roll out of five new flavour pods.

Vape stores fail age test

TEST purchasing in four cities across Great Britain, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, revealed that  two thirds of the country’s vape stores are at risk...
Logic compact

Time for c-stores to up their game

Growth figures point to untapped potential
Blu retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers

Vaping can soar in store

As more and more adult smokers make the switch, opportunities open up for convenience retailers

Getting ready for the menthol ban

MENTHOL cigarettes will be banned from 20 May, but there are some retailers, and plenty of consumers, who are unsure of exactly what this means.
Sterling Dual Capsule Packet

JTI plan for the menthol ban

WITH the menthol ban coming into force in May, some adult smokers may already be hunting for an alternative. JTI’s latest piece of NPD might, therefore, prove of interest.
menthol cigarette burning

Menthol is up in smoke this May

This spring will see a ban on menthol cigarettes come into force, but what does it mean for c-store retailers?
Blue Retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers
Nordic Spirit pouches

Alternatives for the future

Roll your own tobacco has been gaining ground for years, and there are further opportunities under the nicotine banner

Convenience king of cigars

Scottish stores are punching above their weight with premium performing well

Logical progression for vape category

JTI has been expanding its vaping offer with expansion for its Logic brand and double digit value sales growth