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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Tag: Haribo


Sweet for spring

HARIBO has brought back its spring seasonal variants in time for Easter
haribo starmix pack

Sweet prize celebration

TO celebrate 25 years of Starmix, Haribo has introduced its biggest ever on-pack promotion.

Haribo launches its seasonal range

Limited editions coming to town

Joining forces for Halloween

Haribo has launched a new seasonal pack that brings two major brands together for the confectionery-led celebration
Haribo vegeterian confectinery

Some sweet news for veggies

With more and more people living a meat-free lifestyle, the German confectionery giant has revamped and extended its vegetarian range.

Exotic Haribo

Two limited edition flavours of Haribo have been launched in time for summer .

The hunt is now on

Haribo has launched a new seasonal campaign that invites shoppers to ‘Hunt the Double Yolker’ in limited edition bags of Starmix

Mixing up the Supermix

The supermix range will offer lemon meringue and peach flavoured ‘little jelly men’, as well as vanilla sheep and ice cream sweet pieces

Sweet new expression

HARIBO has extended its range with the addition of the soft-textured Squidglets

In a frenzy for new flavours

HARIBO has introduced new variants of its top-selling Starmix and Tangfastics sweets

Spirited return for seasonal packs

Haribo packs in Halloween costume.

A frenzy of new flavours

HARIBO has brought back its limited edition Frenzy range, offering a summer twist on its Starmix and Tangfastics flavours.   Now in its third year, this...

Ringing up sweet sales

OF every £1 spent on seasonal treats, 70p is spent on confectionery says Refreshers and Wham brand owner Tangerine Confectionery. Referring to a Mintel report,...

Haribo puts top selling sweets into bags fit for impulse purchases

GUMS and jellies giant Haribo has put some of its top-selling sweets into bags designed to encourage impulse purchases. Hearts and Rings from Starmix in...

Jellies set for summer frenzies

PINK passionfruit flavoured fried egg is just one of the combinations in the latest Haribo limited-edition packs. Starmix and Tangfastics have both been given Frenzy...

Chocs up and away

Sales of chocolate confectionery in bags are growing at 2.6% year on year with the average c-store selling more than £200 worth of bags...