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Monday, December 9, 2019
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Polls pump up the price

Scotland’s independence referendum has lingering effects on fuel costs THE people of Scotland may have answered no to the question of whether their country should...

Brand, brand, voom

SYMBOL group Spar is continuing its programme to recruit forecourt businesses across the UK with a specialised package that includes Spar-branded fuel. The first...
The fuel duty discount scheme gives a subsidy to provide a 5p-a-litre discount in approved rural areas. More approvals are being sought.

UK seeks fuel duty discount for more areas

THE UK government has submitted a list of seven new areas, most of them in Scotland, to the European Commission to be considered for...
Westminster driving to rural fuel price cut

Westminster driving to rural fuel price cut

Fuel retailers on Scotland’s islands have been able to take part in a rebate scheme since February last year. Now the government might extend the...

Symbol living – Changing times in fuel supply sector

FORECOURT operators could be suggesting their fuel customers put a Nisa, a Best-one, a Premier, or a Spar in their tanks as some of...

Don’t lose it – Tools for fuel management

WITH fuel prices rising and margins under pressure from every angle it’s essential not to lose stock. Wetstock management specialists provide petrol dealers with...

Fuel update for forecourts

FORECOURT retailers were updated on the work of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), and heard from representatives from fuel and energy companies, at the...

Put a Nisa in your tank

NISA is to be the first symbol group in the UK to have its own-brand fuel after it reached a deal with supplier Greenergy. The...

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