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Friday, April 3, 2020
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Tag: coronavirus

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Deposit return is delayed to 2022

THE launch date for deposit return has been pushed back to the spring of 2022. New regulations, published last month as the coronavirus crisis ramped up, have postponed the implementation of DRS. Deposit return was initially slated for a 1 April 2021 launch date.
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Virus rocks retail

THE UK is enduring the biggest change to daily life since the Second World War, and Scotland’s retailers are on the front lines.
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Retailers react to coronavirus

GROCERY sales are currently booming as fears surrounding the surge in coronavirus cases have led to shoppers purchasing more goods as they prepare for long stints indoors.
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Key worker status critical to supply chain

Key workers are expected to receive childcare support to allow them to continue working after schools close this Friday (20 March)

Coronavirus rates relief welcomed

NEXT month’s business rates hike has been put on hold thanks to a package of measures aimed at reducing the impact of the coronavirus...