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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Tag: cigars


Cigar deal completed

SCANDINAVIAN Tobacco Group (STG) has acquired Royal Agio Cigars.

Plug the gap with cigars

NPD aimed at small pack shopper CIGARS could plug the gap left behind by smaller packs of cigarettes leaving the shelves, according to Scandinavian Tobacco...

Twin track market

THE cigar category currently valued by Symphony IRI at £234.5m still presents an important sales opportunity for retailers who stock tobacco products. That’s the view...

Retailers miss out on sales boost says JTI

THE majority of retailers are failing to take advantage of an increase in cigar sales over the Christmas period, according to tobacco giant JTI. The...

Cigar firm moves into RYO

SCHEDULED to be launched late last month exclusively for the convenience channel through Booker depots across the UK, new RYO brand Bentley represents a...

Embracing the single life

RITMEESTER, the manufacturer behind the Royal Dutch cigars brand, has launched a single stick variant of its Panatella. Packed in outers of 20 at...

A cigar strategy to deal with the dark

CIGARS don’t form one of the biggest sections of the tobacco market but from a retailer’s point of view they have some distinctly positive...
Hamlet Miniatures 10 tins are available in four different limited-edition packs – featuring Manly Knowledge advice inside the lid. The packs are available nationally from the beginning of this month.

Seasonal opportunities – Snapshot cigars

WHAT are the key aspects of the cigars market as we approach the holiday season in 2013? For our Cigars Market Snapshot we asked...

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