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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Brewdog carbon negative business

Aberdeenshire-based brewery makes big climate commitment

While many businesses continue to pursue carbon neutrality, BrewDog has committed to operating as a ‘carbon negative’ business
Persil recyclable new pack

Cleaning up the pack

Persil has a new pack, which is now 100% recyclable
News UK paper band packaging

Times mags are ditching the plastic

News UK, the publisher behind The Sun and The Times, has introduced a new paper band solution aimed at tackling plastic waste
Highland Spring eco bottle

New campaign for Highland Spring

Highland Spring has put sustainability front and centre of its latest marketing campaign
NcNean recycled clear glass packaging

New malt, reused glass

Scottish distillery Nc’Nean has released a single malt whisky in 100% recycled clear glass packaging
Budvar cans sustainable packaging

Budweiser Budvar trials paper

Czech beer brand Budweiser Budvar has cut plastic from its six-can multipack with a new packaging solution
DRS scheme applications

Creating a working DRS from scratch

The Scottish Government is seeking applications for a scheme administrator for the forthcoming deposit return scheme (DRS)
Asda no fruit veg bags trial

Multiples step up their environmental activity in bid to cut plastic waste

For decades, environmental campaigners have argued that sustainability is essential to our future health, wealth and happiness; it seems like the supermarkets are waking up to that reality too