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Friday, April 3, 2020
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Nairns mimi cheese carton and bag, and Nature's Finest Pineapple

Snacking better

The question of what constitutes a ‘healthy’ snack is a tough one for shoppers as well as retailers

Health on the brain

FAMILY-owned British firm Lovely Fodder Ltd has launched a new range of chocolate with more than a few health claims
Meatsnacks new range

Chewing over changes for 2018

MEATSNACKS Group has been gearing up for the New Year by enhancing the recipe and revamping the packaging of its jerky range
People handing out popcorn

Popping up on shelves

A healthier snacking option

Have your lentil cake and eat it

WESSANEN UK has launched a new lentil-based rice and corn cake under its Kallo natural food brand.

Different kind of Monster

Range extension for kids cereal CHILDREN’S cereal brand Honey Monster has launched an oat variant with the same recently-reduced sugar content as core variant Honey...

“Take notice” of demand for healthier soft drinks

VIMTO has urged retailers to act on what it sees as growing demand for healthier soft drinks this summer. Ed Jones, senior customer marketing manager...

Protein 22 wins big

SCOTTISH dairy firm Graham’s has gained global acclaim after picking up a Gulfood Innovation Award for new product development at the Dubai World Trade...

Sugar cut as drinks go low

New juice-based lines aim at the health-conscious SOFT drinks and even fruit juices have come under pressure from activists expressing concern on sugar consumption recently. But...

Cooking up new uses

PORRIDGE sales in the UK continue to grow, as the oat cereal’s many health benefits make it the year-round breakfast of choice for health-conscious...

Going right at the lights

BREAKFAST cereal Weetabix has put its nutritional details on its pack fronts using the new “traffic light” system. Quoting Shopper’s Voice research, Weetabix says almost...

Investing for a new mix

COCA-COLA European Partners is spending £30m in five years to reformulate existing drinks and introduce new products to meet demand for lower and no-sugar...

C-stores see waters rise

AS consumers become increasingly concerned about making  healthy choices they need to be educated on the benefits of hydrating with plain bottled water, according...

Muscling in on health demand

THE biggest Scottish dairy firm Graham’s the Family Dairy says it’s always looking for opportunities to innovate and, with demand for healthier choices in...

Hydration with fruit mixed in

JUICE brand Sunmagic has launched a new range of sparkling juice drinks for children. The Hydra Fizz range contains 50% fruit juice and is made...

Bread giant on the pulse

BAKERY firm Warburtons has added a new protein range to its portfolio. Baked using pulses and grains, the new range includes high-protein bread, rolls, wraps...