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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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3x smart water bottles

A smart move

GLACEAU Smartwater’s move into 100% recycled plastic bottles is the subject of a new campaign.
Highland Spring bottled water

Far more than meets the eye

Bottled water has a lot to offer retailers
Smartwater bottles

Health and hydration

It was one of the biggest trends of 2019, and the popularity of health-promoting products is likely to grow even more as we enter the 2020s.
Kris Ingham donates stock to FareShare charity

Time to give back

Functional soft drink brand Rejuvenation Water is putting a twist on advent for Christmas 2019.
sparkling flavoured low and no sugar drinks

Water can win in convenience

Whatever the ailment, it’s likely that among everything else a GP may prescribe, drinking plenty of water will form part of the cure.
Radnor water cans

It’s ‘can do’ at Radnor

Radnor Hills has unveiled a canny new piece of NPD for its water brand.
plastic bottle on the beach

Free the planet

Plastic has been a part of consumers’ lives since the 1950s and while this versatile material has provided plenty of benefits to society, the last six decades of poor waste management have been disastrous for the environment.
Highland Spring Campaign

Spending big on sparkling

Highland Spring has announced its biggest ever investment in sparkling water. The Perthshire-based producer plans to invest £1m in sparkling water, including a new ‘Remarkabubble’ campaign.
Highland Spring Sparkling new packaging design

A sparkling new bottle

Scottish bottled water brand Highland Spring has given its sparkling range a packaging refresh.
Vimto Vim2o drinks

Healthier hydration for kids

Becky Unwin, senior brand manager at Vimto Soft Drinks, reckons the brand has just the solution for the new term in the shape of Vimto Minis.

Bottling success for January sales

Bottled water can be a valuable category

Highland innovation to tackle pollution

Scottish water brand to introduce 100% rPET

RPET for Radnor Hills

The Radnor Hills range now includes rPET and glass packaging as well as a tetra carton with a foil tab
Macb’s Clare Hooley suggested retailers consider secondary placement of flavoured water near till points to drive impulse.

Flavours find feet in summer

Macb sees a seasonal opportunity
One Water carton and can

Looking out for mother Earth

ENVIRONMENTALLY concerned water brand One Water plans to introduce cartons, water in cartons, cans and refillable bottles this year
New volvic bottles

New packs for Volvic

VOLVIC has entered 2018 with all guns blazing, rolling out a revamped bottle for its 50cl format