Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Sunny D

It’s sugar free for Sunny D

DEMAND for low-calorie soft drinks has seen Sunny D add two new low-calorie no added sugar variants to its range.
Perfectly Sparkling

Making it clear

FLAVOURED water brand Perfectly Clear has been given a new look and is being promoted by a digital media campaign.
Highland Spring

Water sales are swelling

Fizz and flavours performing well
Fruit Shoot Hydro

Encouraging the kids to do their own thing

FRUIT Shoot is back on the small screen as part of a £3.5m marketing campaign focused on inspiring children to embrace their adventurous side

Meeting the tax with innovation

DEMAND for mid, low and no-sugar drinks is growing according to Barr but, it stresses, the main reasons consumers choose a soft drink have remained the same

Generation Z have their say

The 16 to 24 age group knows what it wants, that includes new exotic flavours, and almost two thirds of teens say they like to try new drinks
Diet Coke cans

Merchandise for success

Busy consumers want taste and convenience
Cawston Press

Pressing ahead with fruit sweetened drinks

Cawston Press says it is bucking current soft drink reformulation trends by using only pressed fruit juice to sweeten its sparkling drinks.
Capri Sun

Naturally reducing the sugar

THE use of natural sweetener stevia in the new recipe for Capri-Sun has reduced the sugar content of its original range by 50%

Bottlegreen to launch two new flavours this summer

To meet growing demand for exciting and challenging tastes, Bottlegreen are launching two new delicious flavours
Boost cans

Trending energy

DEMAND for new flavours has been fueling innovation across the soft drinks category and energy brand Boost has brought its own NPD to the table
Rio cans

Full throttle start to 2018 campaign

TROPICAL soft drink brand Rio has been racing ahead with its sponsorship of British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) driver Bobby Thompson.
Strathmore Botanics

Botanical waters spring into store

DEMAND for healthier options in the soft drinks chiller has seen Barr Soft Drinks bring some new flavours to the table.
Barrs wheel

A new vision for soft sales

Barr identifies six specific shopper needs that it says cover all the major consumption occasions to help retailers organise the chiller
Coke campaign

Back in the day

COCA-Cola is highlighting its heritage and the continuity of its formula in its latest advertising campaign.

Big moments put on bottle

Consumers encouraged to reach goals