Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Thousands up for grabs

Retailers with an hour to spare in their store could make some serious cash if they invest that time in soft drinks

The sugar levy: 12 months later

Changing habits, reformulation and value growth
Irn Bru cans on orange backgroun

Essential in the chiller

A DIVERSE range in the soft drinks chiller would appear to be essential to soft drinks success in convenience, according to AG Barr.

Unleashing a flurry of flavour

CCEP has unveiled a raft of soft drinks NPD ahead of the summer .

Anticipating hot summer sales

Refresco bullish about prospects .

Don’t be shy, give it a try

Red Bull has taken a slice of summer and popped it in a can with the launch of the limited edition Red Bull Coconut Edition .

Energy drink is seeing red

Boost has expanded its energy portfolio with the launch of Red Berry .

Mind the thermometer

According to Lucozade Ribena Suntory, for every one degree temperature increase, soft drinks experience a sales uplift of 1.6% .

Fruit functions this summer

Ribena rolls out enhanced water .

Maximum fruit flavour from Pepsi

Fruit flavour has found its way into a Pepsi bottle with the launch of a new raspberry variant .
Upbeat Water

Beat-ing the competition

HEALTH for the masses is the name of the game for upstart soft drinks brand Upbeat, as the firm looks to bring more consumers into the added-protein sub category.
Obrigado drinks

Honesty the best policy

Brand says modern consumers want to know exactly what they are buying

Secondary sites a big hit in stores

PREMIUM tonic and mixer brand Franklin & Sons has been touting the benefits of freestanding display units, claiming secondary siting is helping to drive soft drinks growth

Grab organic by the horns

Red Bull launches new health range
Lipton lifestyle

Staying ahead with premium

Britvic finds premium increasingly important

Bottlegreen branches out

PREMIUM cordial brand Bottlegreen has launched two new flavours which the firm reckons will appeal to adventurous soft drinks consumers.