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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Showing bottle

MARS Chocolate Drinks and Treats has introduced PMPs for its Mars, Galaxy, Milky Way, Bounty, Mars Caramel and Maltesers drinks.

Marked up for launch

New products and established favourites are among the biscuits showing prices on pack.

Show off the bargain

50% of shoppers feel PMPs reassure them they are getting the best value for money and subsequently stimulate purchases.

A thirst for good value

Scottish Grocer spoke to drinks firms to see how price-marked-packs can affect sales.

PMPs hit the sweet spot

See sales soar with price-marked packs
Tetley's Green Tea pure

Green team a PMP dream

GREEN Tea could be a big hit for convenience according to Tetley, with the firm pointing to its £1.49 PMP
From confectionery to coffee, soft drinks to dairy, enough products now come in price-marked packs that retailers can fill the shelves of their stores with them, if they so wish.

True value can shine through

PMPs a winner with customers seeking quality at a fair price READING any news around the economy or Brexit is rarely a cheery affair –...
Price-marked soft drinks have a faster rate of sale than non-PMP equivalents.

Soft drinks with real purchase

Firms reckon PMPs can push impulse
Wrigley Extra

Two more to chew on

WRIGLEY has expanded its Extra sugarfree gum range with the roll out of a new £2 PMP.
Seabrook Crisps

A marked expansion

SEABROOK Crisps has been beefing up its PMPs range with the roll-out of new packaging for the brand.

Score big with a frozen range

Birds Eye backs PMPs as key sales driver PRICE-marked packs can deliver up to 60% more sales than standard packs according to Birds Eye, and...

Say ‘aloe’ to new packaging

GRACE Foods UK is introducing a new look to its Grace Aloe Vera soft drinks range, coinciding with the roll out of limited-edition £1.15...

A frenzy of new flavours

HARIBO has brought back its limited edition Frenzy range, offering a summer twist on its Starmix and Tangfastics flavours.   Now in its third year, this...

Going grande with Rio

FOLLOWING the launch of its 330ml PMPs, soft drink brand Rio is further expanding its offer with the roll out of two 500ml PET...

Leave a mark on off-sales

Diageo puts its weight behind PMPs with the roll out of six new packs in its spirit-based RTD range SPIRITS giant Diageo has relaunched its...

PMPs boost rate of sale

Marked packs are proving to be a big hit for a number of retailers VALUE for money appeals to just about everyone, and there’s no...