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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Hitting the mark in convenience

More than half of shoppers want to see PMPs when they’re hunting for a snack

Value driving impulse sales

CONFECTIONERY brands have been putting their weight behind price-marked packs
Red Bull price marked packs

PMPs pushing energy higher

Red Bull show that PMPs are driving growth by 6% in the UK, delivering value for retailers as they face rising costs
Lucozade Energy Watermelon & Strawberry Cooler

Lucozade Ribena Suntory Encouraging NPD trial

Lucozade Ribena Suntory has expanded its price-marked range by offering its latest Lucozade Energy NPD in PMP format
Burtons Biscuit Company Wagon Wheels and Maryland Cookies

Burton’s Biscuits are hitting the mark

Burton’s Biscuit Company has been tapping into the demand for PMPs by offering a wide range across leading brands including Maryland Cookies and Wagon Wheels
Nik Naks Nice 'n' Spicy £1 price marked packs

Forum informs KP Snacks’ PMP choices

Retailer input has been informing the PMP strategy at KP Snacks. The firm has been inviting feedback from retailer members of its SnackPartners Ambassadors Forum.
Global Brands price marked pack products

Global Brands sees value in off sales PMPs

Global Brands has grown its portfolio of PMPs in recent months to leverage the benefits of price-marked packaging
Seabrook 100g PMPs

Sharing in success

SEABROOK crisps is hoping to tap into demand for larger pack sizes with its PMP portfolio
VK PMP range

Marked bottles boosting sales

Retailers looking to springboard off RTD's popularity with young adult consumers, adding PMPs into the premix might be well worth investigating.
Mars and Malteser 350ml PMP drinks

Everyday value

The retail market is moving towards everyday low prices, according to Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats – good news for PMP sales
Yazoo Choc Caramel 400ml PMP

Indulgence that is still affordable

FLAVOURED Milk brand Yazoo has bolstered its PMP range with the launch of a new limited edition flavour.
The Boost energy drink range in PMP format 49p

A price mark for everything

Energy drink brand puts its weight behind PMPs  ENERGY is a hugely impulsive category, making PMPs vital to success in the chiller. That’s the view of...

Win-win with PMP

The benefits of PMPs to consumers is obvious, but some retailers have questioned if the same advantages apply to them

PMPs key in convenience

Soft drink shoppers will look for PMP

KP Snacks push PMP packs

KP Snacks has been hitting the mark with its PMP portfolio, highlighting figures which show 57% of shoppers want to see the format in the crisp category

PMPs key in c-stores

Price-marked packs are a key driver of impulse sales in convenience, according to Burton’s Biscuit Company