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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Post Office deal will protect your gadget

New policies can cover single or multiple devices .

Self serving focus brings in margin

Nisa showcases new developments for symbol retailers at its annual exhibition in the spring .

Store evolution for Spar in Scotland

Company-owned store showcases the ambition of CJ Lang by tapping into the latest c-store trends .

Ready for the fridge change

EU regulations will ban the use of some older chillers from next year .

Delivering in convenience

Post Office director Neil Ennis reckons retailers stand to gain from a franchise

Hot stuff is on the menu

Stone Willy lays out FTG offer

Symbol in high spirits

SYMBOL group Nisa is making a major attempt to lift the spirits of its retail partners with the roll out of its new own-label Heritage Signature Blends.

Forecourt firm gets its first Post Office site

RAPIDLY expanding forecourt operator Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has opened its first Post Office site.

Change is afoot in symbol sector

Mergers, acquisitions and the collapse of P&H have made their mark on the fascia landscape
Tesco / Booker Stores

Time to change fascia?

Following a 2017 which saw consolidation on a huge scale is now the time to change?
How are you for food to go? It’s a question most retailers will want to ask of any potential symbol partner as FTG continues to grow in Scottish convenience stores.

Choices to make

There’s a lot to think about when selecting a symbol. Here’s our checklist for success

Itchin’ for a kitchen

Food-to-go franchises going well in Scotland WHEN talking about food to go, Will Robinson, marketing director for pizza franchise Stone Willy’s Kitchen, reckons Scottish convenience...

Franchise funds are out there

RETAILERS looking to finance a franchise opportunity can often hit roadblocks, but although everything from rising staffing costs to Brexit can breed caution in...

Canadian brand ready to expand

Freshii teams up with franchise whizz Anil Patil ONE of the men credited with bringing Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks to the UK market looks set...

A new style of retailing

From full-blown franchise store solutions, to parcel collections services, local dry-cleaning hook-ups, and opportunities to add a post office to a shop there are...

PayPoint revenue drops

PAYPOINT, the payment services firm which also has a share of the Collect+ parcel service that features in many c-stores, saw its UK revenue...

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