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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Coronavirus and statutory sick pay

SSP amendments and their effect on businesses

Immigration after Brexit transition

New rules on foreign workers come into force on 1 January
Tariq Nabi is an employment lawyer at Dentons

Criminal charges and dismissal

Employer rights when an employee is charged with an offence
Dean Michael

Competition in a crisis

Competition rules have been relaxed for the grocery sector but, ironically, risks may have increased. The sector in Scotland should also bear in mind the heightened scrutiny expected from the considerably increased presence of the CMA in Edinburgh.
FSS Food Crime poster

Call to arms in food fraud fight

Industry key to success according to food crime unit boss Ron McNaughton

Coronavirus: what retail needs to know

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees in relation to health and safety, and indeed towards other individuals, including workers/contractors and visitors to your premises.
red petrol station

High demand for freeholds

DEMAND for retail properties in Scotland was high in 2019, resulting in some strong sales – particularly in the petrol filling station sector.
man holding award

Victory for Shepherd

COMMERCIAL property agency Shepherd Chartered Surveyors had cause for celebration when it scooped accolades at two top industry awards ceremonies.

Dress codes and discrimination rules

Ensuring the employee dress code is not discriminatory
Joanne Hennessy

New rules for staffing

How Brexit will affect Scotland’s retail sector is still unknown, with the negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with the world’s largest trading bloc still to get underway.
Audrey Junner

Stand and deliver

Audrey Junner, partner at Hill Brown Licensing, offers some insights into the dos and don’ts of alcohol delivery
Passports On Map

Right to work rules for small business

THE need for employers to have an awareness of right to work legislation can often seem quite daunting or unnecessary but failure to gain an understanding could seriously cripple a business.
Claire McKee

Good work bringing change this April

Don’t get caught out by employment reforms this spring
Post Office counter

A new year with new opportunities

Convenience retailers may have faced many challenges in 2019, but commercial property agency Cornerstone sees real potential in the c-store market for 2020, with reasons to be optimistic next year

Holiday pay during the holiday season

Many retailers will be taking on temporary staff to cover the busy Christmas period. But do you know how much holiday pay they are entitled to? Laura Morrison of Dentons clears up this complex issue
Aggie Salt

Staff on strike

Dentons associate Aggie Salt takes a look at industrial action and the right to join a union