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New year

Time to change fascia?

Following a 2017 which saw consolidation on a huge scale is now the time to change?

Trading places in Aberdeen

McColl’s overhauls a former pub site to create a roomy c-store

Bringing More to the forecourt

As one of the country’s first KeyStore More retailers, Garry Haigh of Peterhead is heading into 2018 with a new shop and loads of ideas.

Zapping into a New Year

Scheme expands in Scotland NOT yet one year on from its launch in the UK, mobile payment and loyalty scheme provider Zapper has rolled out to 1000 stores …

Choices to make

There’s a lot to think about when selecting a symbol. Here’s our checklist for success

More FTG for 2018

EQUIPMENT supplier Fri-Jado UK Limited reckons its ready to help retailers make the most of the growing food-to-go trend in 2018

Saving energy

SAVING on energy is welcome in any business and chiller firm Adande Refrigeration reckons it’s got a new cabinet that could cut bills

In with the new

If your aim for 2016 is to open a new shop or revitalise an existing one, what in particular should you pay attention to? RECENT figures show that investment …

Chilled out sales

Four years in the planning, Costcutter in Cocklaw Street, Kelty, is a brand new store, meticulously designed, with chilled food and drink at its heart. A …

Kitchen comforts

David Sands’ retail empire is growing once again with the opening of a new store in Falkirk. David’s Kitchen, as the name suggests, is focused on fresh, …

Be prepared for the darkness

BY the time your customers pack up the last of the tinsel and make their way back to the office-hours life, just after the New Year, there will be around three …

A fresh start

AS 2014 has drawn to an end some fascinating and encouraging findings from specialist convenience channel market analyst HIM Research & Consulting …

Future shopping on Easy Street

WHAT do the expert crystal ball gazers and consumer insight gurus expect to be the big trends in 2015 and will they have an impact on local shops in Scotland? …