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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Cookie brand gets kid active

Promo launches in time for new term

A fuss-free tea time

Quorn is back on TV screens with a new campaign focused on the convenience of its Crispy Nuggets brand
Walls Pastry Chicken Rolls with Sage and Onion

Lockdown does lunch

Meat snacks have come into their own under lockdown
Jack Link’s has extended its range, with NPD including four new Beef Bar SKUs.

Meat brand in an NPD flurry

Peperami and Jack Links ranges grow
Tayto Group meat snack range

Scottish c-stores pigging out

Pork snacks have been flying off the shelves in symbols, according to Tayto Group
Weetabix Protein and Virgin Sport unveil virtual challenge

Big breakfast challenge

Weetabix Protein has been inviting families across the UK to take part in a virtual running initiative in a bid to get people moving during the coronavirus crisis
Mini Cheddars lime and chilli

A bit of Mexican heat

Pladis has put some Mexican flavour into a pack with the launch of a new Mini Cheddars range
Various crisp brands

Brands highlight growth in convenience

Last month saw some extraordinary changes take place across the retail sector as shoppers adapted to new coronavirus lockdown rules.
Pain au chocolate

One size doesn’t fit all

From a quick bite on the move to a chill start to the weekend, breakfast options bring big opportunities
Rustlers Breakfast Sausage

Heating up in the morning

Hot breakfast has always been a hit in the UK, which should go some ways to explaining Rustlers’ success since it entered the category.

Porridge brand racing ahead

Social media helps fuel breakfast growth
Yakult light

Bone health at breakfast

Maintaining bone health is important – particularly for the elderly – which is why it’s a good idea to have a diet rich in vitamin D.
Feta the Better and Urban Eat sandwiches

New year, more vegans

PACKED sandwich maker Adelie Foods has doubled the size of its vegan range
Quorn poppers

Popping up again

Quorn Southern Fried Poppers is a ready to eat snack that consists of vegetarian chicken in southern fried breadcrumb coating
Yoplait zero sugar yogurt

No added sugar arrives

Yogurt brand Yoplait has launched a new no added sugar product: Yoplait Zero.
Dr Oetker lactose free pizza

Mamma mia! Lactose free

Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella is topped with lactose-free mozzarella and Edam cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, basil and Ristorante’s signature tomato sauce