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Pricing compliance

MUP is here but what does it mean for retailers? Licensing expert Audrey Junner looks at potential pitfalls for stores

Taxing times in the drinks aisle

As the sugar levy on soft drinks comes into effect, Scottish Grocer asks some retailers how it is working

Show that the price is sweet

Value for money still important THE £1 price point is key to sales in bagged confectionery and this works even better when the price is displayed on pack, so …

Get a share of sharing trend

SHARING and treating occasions have people reaching for treat bags and pouches more often these days

Bags of choice for every taste

Bagged confectionery has become an important part of the store for many retailers and appeals to a broad range of shoppers from children looking for a quick …

Size matters in drinks aisle

Packs, tax and lower sugar PACK size is a vital consideration in the purchase decisions of Scottish energy and functional drinks consumers according to two of …

Catering for a garden party

SCOTS love an excuse to get outside and will grab any chance to enjoy the sunshine when it shows up

Flavours of the month

A look at what’s new in the world of crisps and snacks

Ready for bake off

A tempting in-store bakery display could boost passion for pastry

Rising prices may continue

Prices on the up across category

Snacking better

The question of what constitutes a ‘healthy’ snack is a tough one for shoppers as well as retailers

Going great

Scottish Grocer spoke to two retailing couples who recently invested in food to go and have already seen results

Setting up for the summer

Firms make their thoughts known

Sugar levy is not too taxing

THE big day is almost here. From 6 April soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml – which translates to 16.5g for a 330ml can - will be subject to a …

90 years in the bag

Scottish Grocer is 90 – and what a difference nine decades make

Banking on bottles

Bottle formats seeing increasing success for gum, say producers