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Rowan Glen ramps up activity

SCOTTISH dairy brand Rowan Glen has its sights set on every part of the day as the brand looks to position the category as ideal for other ocassions - not just …

Get them to the Greek

Unlock yogurt’s culinary potential

Health demand answered with luxury flavours

SCOTTISH dairy brand Rowan Glen has created a new range of yogurt with new flavours and eye-catching packaging.

NPD cuts the sugar

New Muller data has revealed the brand managed to reduce its total sugar by 13.5% since 2015.

French flavour for Scottish retailers

Isigny Sainte-Mère sets sail for Caledonia

Big spend to back yogurt

DANONE yogurt brand Activia has been enjoying a major marketing push which aims to tap into the healthy eating trend

A new name for yogurt

ORGANIC dairy brand Rachel’s is taking a step into the yogurt category

Stepping up in the new year

Rowan Glen eyes 2018 expansion

More than just a breakfast snack

Yogurt opportunities are broadening

Cornering the yogurt market

Müller NPD continues at pace MÜLLER yogurt has whipped up something Greek for the latest in a line of new releases from the brand. Müllerlight Kremas is the …

Merchandising yogurt with Danone

“96% of UK consumers buy chilled yogurts and potted desserts, so retailers should ensure the fixture is easy to find, using best-selling brands as a signpost …

Growing the fat-free offer

LANCASHIRE Farm Dairies is on the verge of releasing its first fat-free Greek style yogurt. Scheduled to launch later this year, the firm is adding the …

Branching out

A wide range of pots will get results, firms say For a few pots more, retailers could ramp up their sales figures, yogurt firms have suggested, as changes in …

Aero floats into chilled desserts

CHOCOLATE bar brand Aero has floated its way into the chilled desserts category with the launch of Aero Heavenly. Targeted at adults, the new mousse is …

Pots of demand

Scottish dairy brand Rowan Glen has launched two new ranges of high-protein yogurts that feature zero added sugar. Commercial manager Donny Gillies said: …

A juicy alternative

GRAB and go lifestyles have created demand for ready-to-drink products claims GB Drinks and, it says, consumers are looking for alternatives to dairy breakfast …