Friday, November 15, 2019
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Ice cream to impress guests

Ice cream is the perfect solution for any host choosing to entertain friends and family at home
Mackie's Traditional Real Dairy Ice Cream

Great result for Mackie’s ice cream

Mackie’s ice cream honoured at awards
Equi's cookie dough ice cream

Ice cream heats up

Equi’s ice cream can provide the perfect partner to a winter evening spent on the couch
David Equi eating ice cream

Ice cream of the crop

Nearly 100 years after his grandad opened a small cafe in Hamilton, David Equi has helped Equi’s Ice Cream become one of Scotland’s fastest-growing firms. We asked him how.

Open to change with healthier range

Scottish ice cream brand Equi’s ended 2018 on a high, with the launch of a ‘lighter’ range

Same taste low calorie

Ben & Jerry’s has launched two new flavours in its lower-calorie Moo-phoria range

Slush Puppie? Slush pouchie

Drink released in on the go pouch
David Equi

Two scoops of success

Hamilton-based ice cream brand makes it a double at the first ever Co-op Scottish Supplier Awards
Ben and Jerrys

Low calorie indulgence

Low-fat indulgence is the name of the game for Ben & Jerry’s with the brand’s latest piece of NPD promising big flavour with fewer calories

Parlour gain for Mackie

FOLLOWING a busy 12 months in which it launched its first ice cream parlour, Mackie’s of Scotland has reported a turnover of £12.2m and a gross profit of £953,896
Ben & Jerry's

Dairy-free desserts

BEN & Jerry’s has launched a non-dairy desserts range
Collection of ice creams

Ice cream to scream about

Unilever offers some category advice through Partners for Growth scheme
Malteasers ice cream

Teasers in a tub

FANS of Maltesers are in for a treat this February with the launch of a new Maltesers Ice Cream Tub
Kirstin Mackie thinks shoppers want to know that their food contains only the ingredients they would expect, handing an advantage to the farm-based firm.

Sweet life for local treats

Provenance aids performance, says Mackie’s, as the Scottish producer sets out ‘back-to-basics’ stall
Mars Mud Pie

Mars backs frozen treats

Branded desserts that hit the spot
Magnum range

Indulgence the name of the game

INDULGENCE is at the heart of the latest launch from Magnum as the Unilever-owned ice-cream brand extends its tub range with the roll out of a Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline flavour

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