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C-store essentials

Golden partners

CRISP and snack brand Golden Wonder is teaming up with Pizza Hut for a 10-week on-pack promotion, with every pack a winner

Flavours of the month

A look at what’s new in the world of crisps and snacks

Caledonian coffee for c-store retailers

SCOTTISH coffee roaster Miko has been celebrating its Caledonian credentials following the launch of its ‘Hand Roasted in Scotland’ range

Snacking better

The question of what constitutes a ‘healthy’ snack is a tough one for shoppers as well as retailers

Hot drinks the easy way

Airline brand’s coffee takes flight

Going great

Scottish Grocer spoke to two retailing couples who recently invested in food to go and have already seen results

“It’s not tough to make a sandwich”

Food to go is sweeping c-stores across the UK and Steve Appolinari of Fife Creamery says retailers shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge

A world in a mug

CONSUMERS are increasingly willing to experiment with more adventurous flavours from around the world

Looking for extra

MINTS and gums by the till continue to be a staple of convenience retailing. MINTS and gums by the till continue to be a staple of convenience retailing. With …

Banking on bottles

Bottle formats seeing increasing success for gum, say producers

Bold to ‘Take you home’ with TV campaign

P&G is enhancing its Bold portfolio with the release of a new range of 3 in1 Pods. Available in four scents, the pods use a three-chamber technology to clean, …

A burst of blue

HOME fragrance specialist Airpure has expanded its household cleaning range Mighty Burst

Hampered by too many choices

THE household category can be tricky for customers to navigate making it vital retailers make their store as shoppable as possible

Chewing over changes for 2018

MEATSNACKS Group has been gearing up for the New Year by enhancing the recipe and revamping the packaging of its jerky range

Popping up on shelves

A healthier snacking option

Have your lentil cake and eat it

WESSANEN UK has launched a new lentil-based rice and corn cake under its Kallo natural food brand.