Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Employer obligations to zero-hour workers

The importance of ensuring consistent treatment of employees on different types of contracts has recently been reinforced by the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Employee activity on social media

Dentons experts offer some employer dos and don’ts
Post Office

Post Office sites attract attention

Commercial property specialists Cornerstone points to successful deals completed in 2018 as a sign that there is a market for decent Post Office sites
Alison Bryce

Prepare for GDPR with a data review

Alison Bryce, a partner at Dentons, looks at how the European Union’s sweeping new data protection laws will affect Scotland’s retailers
Mark Hamilton

Ramifications of disruptive weather

Mark Hamilton looks at the ramifications of weather warnings and whether there is an obligation to pay those who did not turn up for work

Unpaid trial periods risk breach of rules

The use of unpaid workers during trial periods and training has gained national attention – what is the legal status of these work periods?

Gender pay law must be taken seriously

The risk of reputational damage means retailers have to take the exercise seriously.
Amanda Jones

#MeToo highlights in-work harassment

With harassment firmly in the public eye and staff empowered to complain, it is important for retailers to have solid policies to create a safe work environment in their stores.
Janet Hood

MUP may not be the silver bullet

Licensing specialist Janet Hood reflects on the long-debated minimum unit pricing measure and considers whether it will have the desired affect on the nation’s health.

The dangers of employing family

Mixing family and business is a long tradition in the grocery sector, but as many will have experienced, it is not always plain sailing

Tread carefully with cash in hand

What are the risks and tax issues associated with paying cash to workers?

Five cases set to make an impact

Tribunal fees, whistleblowing, the gig economy... in the months ahead, these subjects and more will be at the heart of a number of high profile court cases

What’s the cost of taking a break?

A series of court cases over the last three years have made it hard for employers to know what elements of pay should be...

Pitfalls of giving staff references

Employers have a duty to be honest when giving references, but what happens if they get it wrong? A recent employment tribunal offers a...

Seeking support from the crowd

For many enterprising businesses, such as BrewDog and Diet Chef, the emergence of crowdfunding has proved the perfect antidote to bank lending and venture...

Training the key to retaining?

Symbol group launches learning academy as one in three retailers say retaining staff a significant challenge It has been said that around 25% of new...