Sainsbury’s launches DRS

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Sainsbury’s Braehead’s new RVM

SAINSBURY’S Braehead, in Glasgow, has become the latest store to introduce a reverse vending machine (RVM) for plastic bottles and cans.

The RVM – which is situated at the store’s entrance – offers customers a 5p coupon for every plastic bottle or aluminium can that is returned. Under the pilot scheme, shoppers may return drinks containers purchased from any outlet to the Sainsbury’s store.

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Shoppers at Sainsbury’s Braehead can deposit up to 500 items per visit, which means a potential saving of £25 off their shopping.

The Scottish Government is currently preparing legislation for a national deposit return scheme, and has proposed an initial deposit level of 20p per container.

Draft legislation on the Scotland-wide deposit return scheme is expected sometime this summer, with the Scottish Government currently planning to launch DRS ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021.