NPD to keep things sweet

Swizzels has been expanding popular brands with new flavours and formats

The new Swizzels Drumstick Mixed Lolly bag contains three flavours

LAUNCHING into 2019 with the release of a new format for its popular Drumsticks brand, Swizzels spies opportunity for sugar confectionery this year.

The new Swizzels Drumstick Mixed Lolly bag contains individually wrapped Drumstick lollies in three different flavours: Original Raspberry & Milk, Cherry & Apple, and Bubblegum.

Mark Walker, sales director at Swizzels, said the new format makes for an ideal treat for Drumstick fans looking to share a treat with family and friends.

It’s not the only NPD on the books at Swizzels, with the confectionery brand also expanding its 10p Drumstick Chew Bar range by rolling out a Bubblegum flavoured bar.

The new chew bar is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with a clear flash on pack. The Bubblegum Drumstick Chew Bar comes in a 10p price-marked pack.

Bubblegum isn’t the only flavour to ditch animal produce either, as the entire Swizzels chew bar range will be vegetarian and vegan friendly from March 2019, in a bid to meet consumer demand, according to Walker.

Swizzels chew bars are vegetarian and vegan friendly from this month

Swizzels latest developments come amid something of a boom for the brand, according to figures produced by Walker.

“Sugar confectionery has been in high demand over the past 12 months, having grown by 3.8%, as consumers still seek an occasional sweet treat from brands they know and love.

“Swizzels is the fourth largest manufacturer of sugar confectionery, with over £1 in every £10 spent on sugar confectionery being spent on Swizzels products.

“Swizzels hanging bags are worth £36.4m, +11% with £1 PMPs driving growth at +21% year on year, so the business is perfectly positioned to drive growth in the category.

Growth figures for Swizzels make for positive reading, but with the Scottish Government currently considering a raft of restrictions that could limit the display of confectionery in store, where does this leave the brand?

According to Walker, moving sugar confectionery away from the till would make it even more vital to stock recognised brands.

“With proposed restrictions for displaying sugar confectionery near the tills or end of aisles, retailers can make the most of their sugar confectionery offering and maximise sales by stocking a range of best-sellers and brands that consumers know and love.”