Highland innovation to tackle pollution

Scottish water brand to introduce 100% rPET

Single-use plastics are a major source of ocean pollution and a danger to wildlife

SINGLE-USE plastic has become a scourge of the planet’s oceans; a fact which consumers are well aware of, with many wishing to reduce their impact on the environment.

While there is still a good way to go in the bid to clean up Earth’s oceans, Highland Spring has started on its journey towards a sustainable future with plans to build on its innovative 2018 trial of a pack made from 100% recycled materials.

Nichola Grant, channel marketing manager for Highland Spring, explained how the brand trialled its sustainable packaging in 2018, and will reintroduce it this year.

“We know that the environment is a key purchase driver and the use of plastic continues to grab the headlines, driving consumers to become more and more aware of the impact they have,” said Grant. 

“The core of Highland Spring Group’s business is providing healthy hydration in an environmentally sustainable way. This led to the creation and trial of the 500ml Highland Spring Eco Bottle – 100% recycled plastic bottle.

“During the trial, display units were used clearly communicating the 100% recycled message, as well as reinforcing the message that plastic drinks bottles are 100% recyclable.

“Findings showed that 30% of people purchased the bottle to support environmental issues and that 6 out of 10 would pay more for an eco bottle.

“One of the challenges  faced with 100% rPET bottles is its appearance next to standard virgin plastic bottles – a test which the Highland Spring 500ml Eco Bottle passed with flying colours, with only 3% choosing not to purchase due to the slight difference in colour, proving there is a high degree of acceptability to recycled plastic bottles.

“Following the successful trial, the Eco Bottle will be rolled out as a permanent addition to the Highland Spring range to selected retailers in 2019 to help keep plastic in the circular economy.”