ScotGov sets licence renewal at £50

£50 PLH fee confirmed

Scottish stores must have a personal licence holder on site when alcohol is sold.

SCOTTISH retailers will need to pay £50 to renew their personal licence, the Scottish Government has confirmed.

Previously, there had been a fee in place for initial personal licence applications, but not renewals. The new charge will apply to all licence renewal applications received after 1 October 2018.

Personal licence holders are required to renew their licence every ten years and, with the current licensing regime coming into effect in September 2009, the first batch of renewals will be due by September 2019. The Scottish Government has advised personal licence holders to submit their renewal application to their local licensing board by 31 May 2019.

Under Scottish licensing law, the sale of alcohol must be authorised by a personal licence holder, meaning stores must ensure there is a licence holder on site at all times when alcohol is being sold.