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Catering for a garden party

The Straw Hat wine and Corona in a bucket

SCOTS love an excuse to get outside and will grab any chance to enjoy the sunshine when it shows up.

For many that means entertaining in the garden with a barbecue and high on the list alongside the burgers and corn cobs is drinks for their guests.

Ahead of this year’s barbecue season, AB InBev has said it expects the trend for premiumisation to continue among beer shoppers.

Head of trade marketing Sharon Palmer said: “While consumers may be drinking in moderation, they are also willing to spend a little more and treat themselves when they do drink.”

She added that with Britons drinking less alcohol, the no-alcohol beer category grew by 19.5% in the UK last year.

She continued: “Budweiser Prohibition was recently launched as the alcohol-free version of Budweiser.”

Among the InBev portfolio, Palmer said that Corona is the UK’s number one summer beer with 65% of all Corona Extra sales coming in that season.

• In preparation for the spring and summer party season, Strongbow has introduced a mini five litre keg in its Dark Fruit variety.

Cider director at brand owner Heineken, Emma Sherwood-Smith, said: “The mini keg is set to be a game changer for cider drinkers and retailers alike.

“It will be the perfect addition to any summer barbecue or party.

“The launch has already stirred up a lot of excitement which we expect to increase even more once shoppers purchase the new keg.”

Budwiser can and kegs of Strongbow

• With the Scottish weather being so unpredictable, there will be a big and almost instant demand for picnic and barbecue products when there is a hot spell, says Amy Giacobbi, marketing manager at CWF.

To be ready for this, Giacobbi reckons, retailers should review their displays and how they merchandise their wine.

She said: “For example, do not over complicate the wine fixture otherwise it can be a daunting experience for the customer. 

“Simplicity is the key.  Either separate the wine into red, white, rosé or sparkling or by wine style.”

She continued: “Having a chilled shelf or unit for the white, rosé, sparkling and even lighter red wines is great for convenience stores as it promotes the impulse to pick up a bottle of pre-chilled wine en-route to a barbecue.”

Pointing to renewed customer confidence CWF predicts growth in the British wine market. 

Giacobbi said: “For example, The Straw Hat is now the UK’s number one British Wine brand.”

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