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Faraz’s feast is fit for 500

Faraz and MSP David Torrance at the Big Breakfast.

Faraz and MSP David Torrance at the Big Breakfast.

KIRKCALDY retailer Faraz Iqbal has been helping out in his local community, teaming up with the SGF Healthy Living Programme to host its biggest-ever breakfast event.

Last month’s Big Breakfast saw Faraz pitch in at local primary school Kirkcaldy West where over 500 pupils were served a healthy breakfast in the school canteen.

Faraz supplied everything needed for a nutritious breakfast from his Linktown Local store offering the school children everything from fresh fruit to toast and cereal and he was helped along with support from Booker team members and the Kirkcaldy West  after-school club as well as local MSP David Torrance.

School pupils attending the Big Breakfast were also given a loyalty card for Faraz’s store offering a free piece of fruit each day of the week for one week.

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