Make an impact from the ground up


RETAILERS should use all the space around their displays to make the most of seasonal promotions, says Hancocks, including hanging props from the ceiling and using floor stickers.

Purchasing director Jonathan Summerley said: “Cross merchandising can vastly increase impulse purchases and is perfect for creating engaging displays.

“It’s good practice to work in groups of threes instead of just displaying one item. Create a focal point that draws consumers to the display and then keep their attention by catering for as many senses as possible.”

This spring, Hancocks is launching a new range of animal-shaped sweets under the title of Easter Friends.

The range includes a chunky 500g Easter bunny as well as bags of Bunny & Chick Marshmallows and Milk Chocolate Eggs with a Cereal Filling all packaged in bright pastel colours.

Summerley said value for money is a key motivator at this time of year so retailers should stock sharing packs or slabs which can be enjoyed at home with friends and family.

He added: “When it comes to later in the season retailers should re-focus the range to push the sale of high value products with greater returns.”