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Starting early

Akhtar Mohammed

WHEN it comes to Christmas retailing, if you’re not fast you’re last. That’s the view of retailer Akhtar Muhammed, who has stocked up early in the hopes of having a cracking Christmas.

“I’m pushing it because the thing is you’ve got to grab the business,” said Aktar.

“I feel if you put stock out at the right time you will get sales. We used to bring the Christmas cards and wrapping paper out around the start of November, but for the past three years I’ve been phasing things in from September.

“Last year we had sold 90% of the stuff by the beginning of December and I had to reorder. From that I gathered there is method in the madness. Superstores don’t put out their stuff for a laugh, they’ve obviously had a lot of insight into it.”

Interview with Akhtar Muhammed, winner of the Tobacco Retailer of the Year Award 2017 »

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