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2018 forecast and must stocks

Health focus for next year

No sign of trend slowing up

WITH the Scottish Government currently consulting on a potential ban on promotions for ‘unhealthy’ foods, nutrition is definitely high on the agenda at the moment, and that’s a trend which Pladis reckons will continue into 2018.

The firm behind major convenience brands including McVitie’s and Jacobs reckons that while snacking will continue to be an ingrained part of daily eating habits, the SKUs consumers choose to enjoy between meals will continue to change.

Hena Chandarana, trade communications controller at Pladis, believes healthier alternatives are coming into their own in convenience and retailers would do well to stock these products next year.

“There is increasing pressure on fried snacks, as a continuing focus on healthier, more balanced snacking remains top of mind for consumers when selecting products from the shelves,” said Chandarana.

Nights in often encourage consumers to try out new flavours, especially across existing popular ranges.

“As a result of this trend, baked snacks have played an increasingly larger role in driving growth back into the savoury category.

“We’ve already seen several major players within the market, including ourselves, begin to branch out with smart innovation targeted at capturing the opportunity to expand savoury, for example through bagged snacking NPD.”

Healthier snacking isn’t the only trend that looks set to continue into 2018. Chandarana also suggested sharing packs will continue to appeal to shoppers in convenience as consumers continue to enjoy their big nights in.

“Providing sharing biscuit products in appropriate pack formats is the key to unlocking this opportunity,” she said.

“Nights in often encourage consumers to try out new flavours, especially across existing popular ranges.

“We focus on offering broad choice across our snacking portfolio, as well as providing retailers with the right pack formats and merchandising advice to meet the growing snack trend.”

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