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Graham’s boss calls for support as butter price soars

Robert Graham urges ministers to back proposal for Stirling dairy site

SCOTTISH dairy boss Robert Graham, MD at Graham’s the Family Dairy, is calling on Scottish ministers to back his proposal to create a new dairy facility in Stirling as the cost of butter skyrockets.

Pointing to the rapid growth in the value of butter, Graham has warned that consumers could feel the pinch as farmers, dairy processors and retailers all see costs rising.

Graham reckons the surge in butter price has been caused by a fall in UK production combined with an increase in imports, which he believes will inevitably lead to further price rises and a shortage of butter in supermarkets.

To keep butter costs down, Graham suggests investing in Scotland’s production capabilities to meet demand.

“Increasing Scotland’s domestic processing capacity will allow us to support business, develop and sell new home-grown products, while boosting innovation and skills development and improving Scotland’s export,” said Graham.

“Dairy is perfectly positioned to support job creation and wellbeing programmes at a global scale. In doing so, the sector can grow Scotland’s GDP, forge career pathways and back education programmes.

“Along with Mactaggart & Mickel, we have a proposal sitting with Scottish Ministers for a national dairy production, research and education facility in Stirling, which represents the single biggest investment in Scotland’s dairy sector in 30 years.

“Combined with a housing development, we will not only deliver much needed affordable housing and facilities for the local area, we will facilitate a step change investment strategy leading to increased R&D and NPD – enabling Scotland to compete on the global stage.

“Scotland’s current production capabilities are insufficient, this needs to change. We need to look long term to support our food and drink industry, our country’s jewel in the crown, and we need to act quickly.”

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