Polish brands land in the UK

Hancocks rolls out Wawel range

Stocking a Polish confectionery range will help stores stand out, Hancocks said

CONFECTIONERY specialist Hancocks has introduced some Polish flavours to its portfolio with the roll-out of a range of products from Wawel at six UK depots, including Glasgow.

Products from the Wawel range available through Hancocks include 195g packs of Milk Chocolate and Peanut, White Chocolate and Peanut, Truffle, and Chocolate and Fruit treats.

Hancocks will also distribute Wawel Chocolate Mints, a dark after-dinner chocolate with a mint centre, packaged in a 165g bag.

Wawel’s fudge brand Krowka Mleczna Creamy Fudge will also be available.

A spokesperson for Hancocks said that as consumer needs within the confectionery industry are changing, there is demand for product innovation and unique selling points “more than ever before”.

“In striving to be proactive and maintain a competitive edge, Hancocks are working to offer independent retailers exactly that. One strategy for this is by the introduction of a brand new range of Polish confectionery to accompany the business’ already vast product collection,” they said.

The spokesperson added that the range could also grow in future.

“With the USP of exciting sweet treats that behold the taste of Poland, Hancocks has ambitions to broaden the range and maximise its success as time progresses.”