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Demand up for sugar free

Putting message on TV

GROWING at 5%, Werther’s Original Sugar Free says it is driving growth in the sugar-free candy segment.
And the brand is spending £4m on a new TV campaign.
Sales director Andy Mutton said: “Werther’s was first to market with its sugar-free butter candy in 2007 and in recent years we have seen a strong increase in sales, especially over the last year, driven by our TV advertising and press campaigns.
“Varied pack formats such as impulse flip-top boxes alongside bag formats have also contributed to the brand’s popularity in the category.
“February and March, in particular, sees the strongest surge in sales of Werther’s Original Sugar Free, with the rate of sale increasing by 28% across our bag lines. “
Mutton added that the company expects to see a similar level of growth over the coming months with investment in the TV campaign.
There are four products in the Werther’s Original sugar-free range: Sugar Free Butter Candy and Sugar Free Creamy Toffee in bags and  flip top boxes of Sugar Free Butter Candy and Sugar Free Apple flavour.

Werther’s is part of the fabric of UK life with generations sharing and enjoying the unique taste.

Mutton said: “All are ideal impulse purchase opportunities with the sugar-free flip-top box trays ideally suited for till point.”
Werther’s says its total Original brand has grown by 6.7%, saying that is 9% ahead of the sugar confectionery category.
Mutton concluded: “Werther’s is part of the UK fabric of life with generations sharing and enjoying the unique taste and flavour of this number one caramel range.
“To maintain our number one total brand position, we recognise the need to provide alternatives for shoppers who are making a conscious decision to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet.  
“Retailers should stock Werther’s sugar free products next to the Werther’s Original range to maximise opportunities at the point of purchase.”

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