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Making the most of milk

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Top tips to increase sales

AN additional 390,000 UK households bought Yazoo last year compared to 2015, giving it a 22.2% value share of the market, according to marketing manager Richard Duplock.
Quoting an IRI report on flavoured milk drinks, he said: “Unit sales of Yazoo are up by 7.2%, outperforming the rest of the category, where average performance is a 0.9% increase.”

Yazoo has reported that its unit sales rose by 7.2% at a time when the average increase in performance within the category was only 0.9%.

And he has come up with a five-point plan to help retailers  maximise milk drinks sales:
• Treat milk drinks in the same way as soft drinks. Duplock said: “Milk drinks offer
a clear point of difference within the soft drinks fixture, yet many convenience stores lose out on sales by not making it easy for consumers to find.

Milk drinks provide a sweet finish to a meal. Offer them as part of a meal deal.

“Place  milk drinks with soft drinks towards the front of the store, rather than with the milk and yogurt products.”
• Stock the top brands. “When it comes to milk drinks,” Duplock said, “Yazoo’s 400ml on-the-go packs are the top three sellers in convenience.
“And our new no added sugar milk drink is expected to generate in excess of £7m incremental sales in its first year.”
• Use branded POS. Duplock said: “Retailers need to make sure their offer is clearly segmented and the bestsellers are used as category signposts.

Yazoo is predicting £7m incremental sales for its no added sugar drink.

“Using branded trays, wobblers and window posters will help attract customers to your most profitable products.
• Offer milk drinks as part of a meal deal. “Meal deals and snack deals are increasingly popular with shoppers,” said Duplock.
He added: “Milk drinks provide a sweet finish to a meal.”
• Don’t underestimate the value of price-marked packs. Duplock explained: “There’s a common preconception that c-stores are more expensive than larger retailers, but that’s not always the case.
“Price-marked packs are a great way to highlight value for money.”

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