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Extra appeal in less sugar

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In response to consumer demand, Grace Foods has reduced the sugar content in its Nurishment Extra  flavoured milks by 50%.

Head of marketing Nyree Chambers said: “Research highlights that flavoured milk consumers are becoming more discerning.
“Taste and flavour remain very important and they will actively seek out products such as Nurishment Extra which provide a sense of indulgence and a treat as they go about their busy lives.”
The Nurishment Extra 310ml range has also been repackaged and given a resealable lid.
Chambers added: “A key part of Nurishment Extra’s broad shopper appeal is that it’s not just used to quench people’s thirst, but also to alleviate hunger and as a great-tasting source of additional nutrients. This allows for a range of ambient and chilled merchandising options in-store.”

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