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Price marked packs boost sales

Price marked packs boost sales

Sports fans are no different to other consumers – they’re looking for quality and value for money and that’s why you should be..



Crisp and high

Niche brands, premium lines, unusual flavours and healthier versions are just some of the options designed to push up profit on crisps..

July 2014

The $1.3tr question

What is a snack, anyway? The definition can be elusive but what isn’t in doubt is that global sales of quick and easy eats, for at-home..

July 2014

Popping across

AMERICAN snack brand, Popchips, is coming to Scotland. Having launched in London in 2012, and in some English regional cities last..

July 2014

Making pots of profit

SNACK-hungry customers plus a microwave add up to tasty profit opportunities, according to hot snacks specialist Kepak Convenience..

July 2014

Lunch munch chance

CHEESE presents a huge lunchtime snacking opportunity for convenience retailers, argues Bel UK, which produces Mini Babybel, The Laughing..

July 2014


The touch and feel of Sweden’s summer

THE pleasures of the Swedish life are back on the agenda for Nordic flavoured-cider brand Rekorderlig in its 2014 summer marketing..

July 2014

Enter the spiders

FIRST there were spirit beers. Now there are spirit ciders – or “spiders” – to grab the attention of trend-conscious young..

July 2014

Stivy’s says: why stop at vodka?

RETRO flavours similar to those that inspired Stivy’s vodka liqueurs have a new incarnation – in cider. VC2 Brands, the company..

July 2014

Today’s new cider is an old friend

SYMBOL group Today’s has relaunched its own-brand cider, Amberdown, in contemporary new packaging. The Dry Apple Cider, ABV 5%,..

July 2014

­­Cider from the ends of the earth

BEER and cider producer Heineken is urging cider drinkers to ‘Get the Kiwi taste for adventure’ in a £3 million launch campaign..

June 2014